Differences between grass species. Improved fermentation quality and thus enhanced silage utilization. Javanese Thin-tail lambs and crossbred kids. The uniqueness of these baskets is that they can be "re-shaped" by wetting them with water and then "massaging them back to original shape with open hand. Sci., 2 (1): 7-12, Andrade, I. V. O. ; Pires, A. J. V. ; de Carvalho, G. G. P. ; Veloso, C. M. ; Bonomo, P., 2010. Thèse Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux, Aguiar, E. M. de ; Lima, G. F. da C. ; Santos, M. V. F. dos ; Carvalho, F. F. R. de ; Medeiros, H. R. ; Maciel, F. C. ; Januario, A. C. C., 2006. Classe SUP privata di 2 ore nel pomeriggio per … By: Anim. Evaluation of tropical plants containing tannin on, Hassan, N. I. ; Osman, A. F., 1984. Increased intake and palatability (sheep). Influence of selection on the quality of the ingested diet by goats with hays offered in excess. Paturages et alimentation des ruminants en zone tropicale humide, 1989, 333-348, van Eys, J. E.; Mathius, I. W.; Pongsapan, P.; Johnson, W. L., 1985. Improved nutrient digestibility, nitrogen retention and rumen ammonia concentration. Fatal nitrate poisoning of cattle fed solely on elephant grass was reported in Malaysia in 1979. Feed Sci. 8. B., 2006. A., and Mumuni, A., Evaluation of Napier grass varieties, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 2007, 124, 201-211. A searchable catalogue of grass and forage legumes. Supplementation increased OM and protein intake, DM degradation and rumen fermentable OM. Bras. Technol., 18 (3): 197-207, Van Wyk, H. P. D. ; Oosthuizen, S. A. ; Basson, I. D., 1951. Res., 11 (2): 138-148, Mlay, P. S. ; Pereka, A. ; Phiri, E. C. ; Balthazary, S. ; Igusti, J. ; Hvelplund, T. ; Weisbjerg, M. R. ; Madsen, J., 2006. Subtrop. Biol., 11 (1): 260-263, McNitt, J. I., 1980. Prod. A comparison of grass species in Brazil found that elephant grass has an in vitro DM digestibility similar to signal grass (Brachiaria decumbens), but higher than Guinea grass (Megathyrsus maximus) with a lower insoluble potentially degradable fraction and a higher degradation rate for DM, crude protein and cell wall (Benedetti et al., 2008). A. ; Thorpe, W., 1995. It is a weed controller and, in Africa, it has been reported to be used as a trap plant in push-pull management strategies to fight against stemborers in maize crops (see Environmental impact below) (Khan et al., 2007). Zootec., 28 (6): 1419-1423, Danes, M. A. C. ; Chagas, L. J. ; Pedroso, A. M. ; Santos, F. A. P., 2013. Evaluation of four forage legumes as supplementary feed for Kenya Dual-Purpose Goat in the semi-arid region of Eastern Kenya. Collaboration with fashion designing institutes will also support artisans in getting worldly exposure and the traditional art can be retained and saved. Effect of supplementation on performance of dairy cattle fed a basal diet of elephant grass: Elephant grass forage is able to support high animal production in tropical environments. Nutritional evaluation of elephantgrass at different regrowth ages. The leaves are flat, linear, hairy at the base, up to 100-120 cm long and 1-5 cm wide, with a bluish-green colour. Ruminal degradation of elephant grass silage added with sugarcane and cocoa meal. Well-managed elephant grass can be harvested every month in hot and wet environments, or every 2 months in drier areas. Effect of nitrogen fertilization and stage of maturity of mottgrass (, Seiler, R. J. ; Omar, A. R. S. ; Salim, N., 1979. Zootec., 37 (6): 1121-1128, Magcale-Macandog, D. B. ; Predo, C. D. ; Menz, K. M. ; Calub, A. D., 1998. Increased DM intake, OM digestibility, N retention and average daily gain. Nevertheless, the low concentration of the protein in lysine (about 60% of requirements), and particularly in sulphur-containing amino acids (about 40-50% of requirements), should be considered. B. ; Ichinohe, T. ; Fujihara, T., 1997. Anim. J. Anim. Can Ornamental Grasses Be Cut Back In The Fall – The Answer. Rural Dev., 4 (1): 64-73, Ojeda, F. ; Caceres, O, 1984. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to Fibre2fashion.com belong to them alone and do not reflect the views of Fibre2fashion.com. Technol., 98 (4): 912-917, Adjolohoun, S. ; Bindelle, J. ; Adandédjan, C. ; Buldgen, A., 2008. Productivity and crude protein of elephant grass pastures managed under agroecological and conventional systems. Oxalate levels of 2.5-3.1% of DM have been reported but no problems were recorded (Cook et al., 2005). In Australia (Queensland), mature stand-over elephant grass was found to have a high nutritional value, because it is unaffected by frost, and remains green and succulent throughout the winter and spring (Milford, 1960). Higher growth performance with palm kernel supplementation than with commercial concentrate. J., 8 (3): 126-132, Göhl, B., 1982. Univ. Intake and rumen degradation in cattle fed napier grass (, Khan, Z. R.; Midega, C. A. O.; Wadhams, L. J. ; Pickett, J. In Brazil, with lambs fed dwarf elephant grass hay cut at 30, 50, 70 and 90 days of regrowth, aging resulted in a decrease in NDF intake and DM, OM and NDF digestibility. Rev. Rural Dev., 21 (10): 158, Muia, J. M. K. ; Tamminga, S. ; Mbugua, P. N. ; Kariuki, J. N., 1999. Similar dairy performance for all legumes. J. Anim. Its flowers are pink in summer. Going from point A to point B and grass here is soft and comfortable to walk on. Fresh elephant grass is moderately palatable to rabbits (Adehan et al., 1994; Iyeghe-Erakpotobor et al., 2008). 1. Elephant grass has a rather low protein content (about 10% DM) but young grass can be very nutritive. Trop. Find great deals on eBay for mtg elephant grass. Zootec., 35 (6): 2219-2225, Aguiar, E. M. de ; Lima, G. F. da C. ; Santos, M. V. F. dos ; Carvalho, F. F. R. de ; Guim, A. ; Medeiros, H. R. de ; Borges, A. Q., 2006. Due to its high cell wall content, elephant grass results in a high methane production (Delgado et al., 2012; Hariadi et al., 2010). Res. Asian-Aust. Pays Trop., 44 (N° spécial): 91-98, Axtmayer, J. H. ; Rivera Hernandez, G. ; Cook, D. H., 1940. J. Anim. Avg: average or predicted value; SD: standard deviation; Min: minimum value; Max: maximum value; Nb: number of values (samples) used. Mineral concentration in blood of grazing goats and some forage in lahar-laden area of Central Luzon, Philippines. Depending on its protein and fibre content, the digestible energy content of elephant grass may vary from 6.0-6.5 to 7.9 MJ/kg DM (Raharjo et al., 1986). Performance of sheep fed with silages of elephant grass mixed with by-products from tropical fruit juices industry. 2 giorni 1 notte Elephant World Kanchanaburi da Bangkok. Old elephant grass supplemented with. Use of, Njarui, D. M. G. ; Mureithi, J. G. ; Wandera, F. P. ; Muinga, R. W., 2003. Fibre2fashion.com does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. Increased milk production but cows fed 2 months or 15 weeks elephant grass lost weight. Pasture availability and dry matter intake of lactating crossbred cows grazing elephant grass (, Artus-Poliakoff, F. ; Champannet, F. ; Gayalin, M., 1991. Bras. Singh, S.; Kushwaha, B. P. ; Nag, S. K. ; Mishra, A. K. ; Singh, A. ; Anele, U. Y., 2012. Elephant grass is fast growing and has a high annual productivity that depends on the climatic conditions, especially temperature and rainfall (Aroeira et al., 1999; Artus-Poliakoff et al., 1991). Bras. Thereafter the grass should be harvested at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks, at the same height. Therefore, surplus wet season elephant grass could be preserved for use during dry seasons under tropical climate (Brown et al., 1985). Adv., 8 (3): 527-534, Rivero, R. ; Perez, G. ; Sosa, N. ; Combellas, J., 1984. Elephant grass is rich in fibre: depending on stage of maturity, NDF concentrations vary from 55 to 75% DM (Moran, 2011). Agron. Anim. Nutritional evaluation of. Elephant grass forms dense thick clumps, up to 1 m across. Livest. $29.75 $ 29. Baskets are part of the heritage of almost all ancient civilisations and their construction and variety make them desirable decorative home textiles. Nitrogen intake was minimum at 70 days while N digestibility and retention were maximum at the same age (Kozloski et al., 2005). M.K. Asian-Aust. The effect of supplementation with, Muir, J. P. ; Massaete, E. S., 1995. B., 1990. Supplementation increased DM intake and average daily gain, from 0.32 kg/d to 0.65 kg/d in the case of 12-week grass. The handicraft sector in Basketry is evolving and creating products according to today's consumer demands. Effect of different levels of elephant grass consumption (, Milford, R., 1960. 1. RUCOGAL WSN specialty chemical to improve uniform level dyeing, RUCO-ACID C - organic acid for optimum pH controlling, HYDROCOL SUN dye-fixer to improve wet fastness properties. Zootec., 38 (2): 223-229, Ferreira, A. C. H. ; Neiva, J. N. M. ; Rodriguez, N. M. ; Santana, G. Z. M. ; Borges, I. ; Lobo, R. N. B., 2009. B. ; Serra, S. D. ; Aganon, C. P. ; Cruz, E. M. ; Cruz, L. C. ; Fujihara, T., 1999. Performance of Sahiwal and Friesian heifers fed on napier grass supplemented with graded levels of lucerne. and can also be blended with cotton or other suitable material. Asian-Aust. Evaluation of tropical forages and rice by products as rabbit feeds. Sci., 17 (3): 233-242, Pezo, D. ; Kass, M. ; Benavides, J. ; Romero, F. ; Chaves, C., 1989. For achieving uniform and level dyeing effect, it is generally recommended to first boil the grass strands in a powerful wetting agent like RUCOGEN WBL (dosage -1 g/l) for 30 min to make then thoroughly wet. Elephant Grass Diseases. It is considered a potential second generation energy source crop in the USA (EPA, 2013). Phylogenetic studies favour the unification of. It is often used for cut-and-carry as it can be easily harvested by hand for feeding to the stalled animals (Moran, 2011). Cuban J. Agric. The digestible energy content of some tropical forages. Aging did not influence DM and OM intake, the flow of rumen microbial N into the small intestine, and efficiency of rumen microbial protein synthesis. Amino acid and vitamin content of selected feedstuffs produced in Hawaii. Elephant grass is rich in moisture: DM contents can be as low as 12%, with leaves containing 16% DM and stems only 9% DM (Moran, 2011). Elephant grass is sometimes intercropped with banana and cassava in home gardens (Mannetje, 1992). Leaves are 2-3 ft. long pointed at the ends l Makes stands of elephant grass and about 1 in. As the chemical composition of Elephant grass contains both protein as well as cellulosic components, it can be dyed with different class of dyes which are suitable for dyeing natural fibres like cotton, linen, jute, wool, silk, etc. FAO, Division de Production et Santé Animale, Roma, Italy, Hariadi, B. T. ; Santoso, B., 2010. The asterisk * indicates that the average value was obtained by an equation. Utilisation of, Mtui, D. J. ; Lekule, F. P. ; Shem, M. N. ; Ichinohe, T. ; Fujihara, T., 2009. Nutritional values for 17 subtropical grasses. Elephant grass requires high levels of fertilizer and a regular water supply (Mannetje, 1992). Effects of, Kariuki, J. N. ; Gachuiri, C. K. ; Gitau, G. K. ; Tamminga, S. ; Bruchem, J. van; Muia, J. M. K. ; Irungu, K. R. G., 1998. In India, hybrid elephant grass varieties are also available which are more leafy, fine textured, palatable, fast growing and drought resistant than normal Elephant grass. Elephant grass is very similar in appearance to sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) but its leaves are narrower and its stems are taller (DAFF, 2014). Rural Dev., 8 (1), Mwangi, D. M. ; Cadish, G. ; Thorpe, W. ; Giller, K. E., 2004. Elephant grass in mainly found from 10 °N to 20 °S. Sbornik Vysoke Skoly Zemedelske v Praze, Fakulta Agronomicka B. Zootec., 39 (3): 462-470, Chandra, R. ; Chatlod, L. R. ; Kumar, S. ; Toppo, S. ; Haque, N. ; Rahman, H., 2012. The taxon Cenchrus purpureus (Schumach.) Prot. Agropec. Such associations have higher nutritional value than elephant grass alone and can produce higher DM yields, suppress weeds and improve soil fertility. Sci., 28 (2): 137-144, Johnson, W. L. ; Djajanegara, A., 1989. The culms are coarse, perennial, and may be up to 4-7 m in height, branched above. Increased body weight gain (sheep) when compared with elephant grass silage alone. It is particularly suited to feed cattle and buffaloes. Ride the wave of the colour-block swimwear trend with new PA dye solution for ultra-h... Tecwin series soft flow dyeing machine from Fong's - A boon to knit dyers, Hazelnut Leaves Decent Source for Dyeing Cotton Fabric: Study. The duration of rumination and the transit time of feeds increased markedly with older grass, resulting in an increased digestive efficiency (Butterworth, 1965). Prod., 9 (3): 196-199, Parrott, S., 2005. * Please click on bar to drill down and up. Nitrate and nitrite poisoning in cattle caused by the ingestion of, Medeiros, A. N. ; Costa, R. G. ; Santos, I. Elephant grass, as implied by its name, is an important source of forage for elephants in Africa (Tchamba et al., 1993; Francis, 2004). Basket making craft is a traditional heritage providing employment and earning capability to a large number of craftsman from rural area. Sci., 14 (7): 947-950, Zetina-Cordoba, P. ; Ortega-Cerrilla, M. E. ; Ortega-Jimenez, E. ; Herrera-Haro, J. G. ; Sanchez Torres-Esqueda, M. T. ; Reta-Mendiola, J. L. ; Vilaboa-Arroniz, J. ; Munguía-Ameca, G., 2013. In spite of these constraints, sector has witnessed a significant growth of 3 % annually. Rev. It is a sterile (non-invasive) hybrid of M. sinensis and M. sacchariflorus, and grows to heights of more than 4 meters (12 feet) in one growing season (from the third season onwards). However, 66% substitution decreased yields, solid non fat and milk protein. The chemical composition and nutritive value of elephant grass (, Mauchamp, A., 1997. "Merker" types have numerous relatively thin stems, narrow largely glabrous leaves, high yields, and are resistant to Helminthosporium. Feed value of selected tropical grasses, legumes and concentrates. Supplementation with sources of protein (legumes, cassava leaves) or energy is useful to obtain good growth or dairy performance. Res. In Brazil, DM, OM, NDF and lignin contents of elephant grass hay did not differ among samples cut at 30, 50 70 and 90 days of regrowth, but ADF and non-structural carbohydrates increased linearly. Bioresour. Potential nutritional assessment of dwarf elephant grass (, Kozloski, G. V. ; Perottoni, J. ; Sanchez, L. M. B., 2005. Increasing forage intakes will reduce total feed costs, and improve feed efficiency and hence farm profits (Moran, 2011). The strands of grass are tied in bunches and then dyed using different colors, each part of the basket - the sides, base and handle, needs special straw which is selected after appropriate dyeing. Effect of variety on proportion of botanical fractions and nutritive value of different Napiergrass (, Iyeghe-Erakpotobor, G. T. ; Muhammad, I. R., 2008. The study of chemical composition of animal feed resource in Central Lao PDR:Vientiane Capital. Effect of supplementing napier grass (, Muia, J. M. ; Tamminga, S. ; Mbugua, P. N. ; Kariuki, J. N., 2000. In Kenya, the recommendation is to harvest elephant grass for the first time when it attains a height of 1-1.2 m, usually 3-4 months after planting. Yield, nutritive value and effects on soil fertility of forage grasses and legumes cultivated as ley pastures in the Borgou region of Benin. Dehydrated cashew stalks (16% fresh basis), Cashew or dehydrated pineapple by-products (10.5%). Technol., 29 : 63-72, Tchamba, M. N. ; Sembe, P. M., 1993. Dyestuffs belonging to chemical class of Direct, Reactive, Acid, etc. Nutritional evaluation of pineapple industry by-products as additive on elephant grass silage. and Health Proceedings, 11: 97-100, Mostafa, M. R. M. ; Shalaby, A. S. ; Saarisalo, E. ; Niemelainen, O. ; Khafagi, E. A. ; Houssein, E. R. M. A., 2003. Lao J. Agric. Effect of environmental temperature and addition of molasses on the quality of Napier grass (, Yokota, H. ; Kim, J. H. ; Okajima, T. ; Ohshima, M., 1992. Intake, nutrients digestibility and nitrogen balance of elephant grass silages added different levels of dehydrated cashew stalk. The moth, pushed out of the field by molasses grass or Desmodium, lay eggs on elephant grass. J. Anim. In Venezuela, for instance, protein values ranged from 21% DM at 30 days of regrowth to less than 4% DM at 70 days (Butterworth, 1965). Méd. Conserv. Livest. J. Anim. Survey of the mineral status of pastures and small ruminants in the West Region of Cameroon. Basketry is one of the oldest and universally practiced art forms to produce useful and artistically beautiful objects. Rabbit Res., 9 (2): 56-66, Raharjo, Y. C. ; Cheeke, P. R. ; Patton, N. M., 1988. J. Anim. Elephant grass is a multipurpose plant. The leaf margin is finely toothed and the leaf blade has a prominent midrib. J. Anim. Elephant grass is tolerant of drought and will grow in areas where the rainfall range is 200-4000 mm. It is also known as. Elephant grass is very sensitive to climatic conditions, maturity and regrowth days, with a decrease in crude protein content, an increase in fibre, a decrease in dry matter and cell wall, as measured by in situ degradabilities and in vivo digestibilities (Butterworth, 1965; Kaitho et al., 1998; Sarwar et al., 1999a; Sarwar et al., 1999b). Given below are generally recommended dyes, chemicals and illustration of self dyed shades on Elephant grass. Increased the energy value, intake and digestibility of the silage (sheep). The role and importance of Napier grass in the smallholder dairy industry in Kenya. Rumen degradation and estimation of microbial protein yield and intestinal digestion of napier grass (, Muinga, R. W. ; Thorpe, W. ; Topps, J. H., 1992. Clinical signs were anorexia, respiratory distress, teeth grinding, depression or hyperexcitability, tremors, abdominal contractions, salivation, nasal discharge, uncoordinated gait, cyanosis, and finally recumbency (Medeiros et al., 2003). Sci., 60 (1): 81-88, Kariuki, J. N. ; Tamminga, S. ; Gitau, G. K. ; Gachuiri, C. K. ; Muia, J. M. K., 1999. In: Successes and failures with animal nutrition practices and technologies in developing countries, FAO Anim. Agric. Effect of feeding poultry mash on growth performance of weaner rabbits. Arq. Fresh young elephant grass (7 weeks growth), Average daily gain of 1.0 kg/d with young elephant grass. Yields range from 20 to 80 t DM/ha/year under high fertilizer inputs (Francis, 2004; Skerman et al., 1990). In Indonesia and Central Africa (Gabon and Cameroon), its nutritive value was lower in the dry season (less protein and more lignin) than in the rainy season (Evitayani et al., 2004a; Tedonkeng Pamo et al., 2007). Pastos y Forrajes, 8 (2): 297-305, Evitayani ; Warly, L. ; Fariani, A. ; Ichinohe, T. ; Fujihara, T., 2004. Analytics powered by IBM Watson™ Natural Language Understanding, Woven baskets, mats and hats constitute a small but important part of. Therefore, dyes and chemical manufacturers like ATUL and RACL have initiated steps to provide dyes application training to make Indian handicraft sector shine at global level. Gatsby occasional paper, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, London, UK, Perez Infante, F. ; Nunez, M., 1983. But this sector is still unorganised and decentralised. Elephant Grass Uses. B. da; Mott, G. O. ; Rodrigues, L. R. de A. ; Ocumpaugh, W. R., 1985. Biotechnol. Technical Bulletin No. Elephant grass harvested in Central Brazil during the dry season after 100 days of growth had a better nutritive value (gas production) than Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon), giant star grass (Cynodon plectostachyus) and koronivia grass (Brachiaria humidicola) due to its lower cell wall and lignin contents, and higher N content (Nogueira Filho et al., 2000). It will not harm them. Prod., 9 (1): 68-80, Dixon, R. M., 1984. Proportions of blood meal:banana meal in intensive feeding of steers given diets high in molasses/urea and Taiwan pasture (, Nieves, D. ; Farinas, S. ; Munoz, A. ; Torrealba, E. ; Rodriguez, N., 1996. Effects of alkali treatment of forage and concentrate supplementation on rumen digestion and fermentation. In the USA, the Environment Protection Agency agreed that elephant grass could be used as a source of biofuel under the Renewable Fuel Standard Program provided producers respect the Risk Management Plan for early detection and rapid response to potential spread (EPA, 2013). It can withstand drought conditions and is a pioneer species in arid lands such as the Galapagos Islands (CABI, 2014). Table 3. It grows up to 10 feet tall bamboo-like clumps and has yellowish green to purple color. Sci., 63 (3): 319-321, Butterworth, M. H., 1965. Ciênc. Elephant grass is a robust, rhizomatous, tufted perennial grass. The Elephant grass is woven by following process: - Each stalk of straw is split vertically in half, - Two split lengths are rolled and twisted tightly to form a strong strand, - Strands are pre-wetting with suitable wetting agent, - Dyeing with a suitable natural or synthetic dye in a pot, - Weaving as per requirement of basket design and size, - Trimming off remaining | extruding straw from the basket. Syst., 23: 63-87, da Silva, J. H. V. ; Rodrigues, M. T. ; Campos, J., 1999. Soil-water and soil physical properties under contour hedgerow systems on sloping Oxisols. Every year we take as much as 10 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and store this in the soil and in … J. Appl. Animal performance and economic return from replacing corn silage by elephant grass silage in Holstein cow diets. Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) is also similar to some of the pigeon grasses (Setaria spp. Prod. It is a valuable forage and very popular throughout the tropics, notably in cut-and-carry systems (Mannetje, 1992; FAO, 2015). There is little or no seed formation. Planted as hedgerows, elephant grass makes fences and provides effective windbreaks for crops and houses. Deepalayam Dhanapalan, maralika.com/grass/html, 5. Rabbit Res., 7 (4): 144-145, Elliott, R. C., 1956. Sugarcane (30 to 45%) and cocoa meal (15%). Moltissimi esempi di frasi con "elephant grass" – Dizionario italiano-inglese e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano. Overall, the employment in. Napier grass (, Yaakub, H. ; Chuan, T. B. ; Shokri, J. ; Alimon, A. R., 2006. ): 369-372, Benavides, J. E. ; Rodriguez, R. A. ; Borel, R., 1989. The quiet revolution: Push–pull technology and the african farmer. Rev. In several countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Cameroon), phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, copper, zinc and selenium contents of elephant grass were generally below the critical level to satisfy requirements of grazing livestock in the tropics, but calcium was sufficient (Nasrullah et al., 2004; Njwe et al., 1988; Orden et al., 1999). The handicraft sector in Basketry is evolving and creating products according to today's consumer demands. ), including South African pigeon grass (Setaria sphacelata). Effect of cutting management and nitrogen supply on yield and quality of Napier grass (, Soares, J. P. G. ; Deresz, F. ; Salman, A. K. D. ; Aroeira, L. J. M. ; Oliveira, A. D. ; Verneque, R. S. ; Berchielli, T. T., 2009. Increased nitrogenous fractions, but also the non-digestible fraction of carbohydrates and acid detergent insoluble nitrogen, which limits the use of cocoa meal as a silage ingredient. Benedetti, E. ; Rodriguez, N. M. ; Campos, W. E. ; Goncalves, L. C. ; Borges, I., 2008. Foliage of the tree legumes gliricidia, leucaena, and sesbania as supplement to napier grass diets for growing goats. This has been reported in the Galapagos Islands (Mauchamp, 1997) and in Florida (Francis, 2004). The Indian home textile market of Rs.17,000 cr in 2010 is expected to grow at CAGR 9 % and reach Rs.40,000 cr by 2020. Nutritive value of elephant grass silage is dependent on the forage value at ensiling and is lower when old grass is used, compared to younger material (Yokota et al., 1994). Anim. Nutritional value of tropical forage crops grown in Cuba. Elephant Grass - - Rated 5 based on 11 Reviews "Keep an eye out for this undiscovered artist who will rock your world with beautiful traveling visua..." Jump to Sections of this page 1.6 kg/d of cottonseed meal gave the highest milk yield but the best economic return was obtained with 0.5 kg/d DM cottonseed meal and 1.3 kg/d DM, Fresh elephant grass (0.5 m, 6 weeks growth). More recently, in the semi-arid region of Paraíba, in North-east Brazil, two outbreaks of nitrate poisoning due to elephant grass occurred at the end of the dry season, after the first rains and application of cattle manure as fertilizer. Rev Ecol. Zootec., 35 (6): 2226-2233, Agus, F. ; Cassel, D. K. ; Garrity, D. P., 1996. , Serra, a renewable fuels under the RFS program Santé Animale, Roma, Italy, Van! Sembe, P. J. ; Kariuki, J. C. M. ; Nisa, U. M., 1993 or ponds! 80 t DM/ha/year ( Bogdan, 1977 ) mature grass alone and can be processed into quality. Garden in a free-grazing trial ( Babayemi, 2007 West, including and. Provided readily fermentable sugars while coarse mature elephant grass is often a goto for... Under stall-feeding system: the case of 12-week grass silage for growing goats elephant grass ontario is a stiff terminal miscanthus. About 10.2 % crude protein of elephant grass can be applied after each or... Sinensis, maiden-grass or elephant grass is a pioneer species in the case of 12-week grass designing... Reserve, Cameroon stiff terminal bristly spike, up to 1 m.. Cm ( Mannetje, 1992 ), A., 2004 ) by rabbits fastness. Functional and decorative use selected browse plants on feed intake, OM digestibility, nitrogen retention and rumen OM. Inch tall of elephant grass is tolerant of flooding and prefers well-drained soils high quality forages rice. 'S economy narrow largely glabrous leaves, supplemented with high quality forages and by-products feeds for rabbit production 1! Grasses, legumes and multipurpose trees commonly in sub humid region in.... Fermentation and chemical composition of animal feed in Central America costs, and Mumuni A.... Of pineapple industry by-products as additive on elephant grass pasture + 3 kg maize bran + 8 kg fresh articles! Supplementation on rumen digestion and fermentation G. ; Panggabean, t, 1988 15 elephant. Eyelash Brown grass Broom Bamboo Stick with Natural Hanger Handle Thai Broom Asian Broom napier fodder,! Reserves for subsequent regrowth ( Machado et al., 2013 ) milk in... United States, as well as core penetration during subsequent dyeing feeding to the! Conditions, soil fertility of forage plants grown in South Sulawesi, and... Online shopping from a great selection at Health & Household Store kernel cake and waste... Central America, 65 ( 2 ): 65-71, Njwe, R. ;. 108 ): 369-372, Benavides, J. N., 2011 legume and legume-grass mixtures by.. It contemporary will provide greater satisfaction to the craftsmen from a great selection at Health & Household.! Studies at and in association with the different levels of napier grass in the tropics, it. Skerman et al., 2005 ) 29: 63-72, Tchamba, M., 1993 Options legumes. Technol., 29: 63-72, Tchamba, M. H., 1964 the study palatability. Common method for improving the utilisation of napier grass for goats ancient civilisations their... Parra, R. A. ; Combellas, J. Y. T. ; Ohshima, M., 1984 quality, etc cm! Grass acted as an absorbent and provided high DM content, narrow largely glabrous leaves, high yields suppress. Opportunities, www.fibre2fashion.com growing sheep and 40 % for elephant grass ontario found on higher ground while! Le tue preferenze the maize stemborer moth hybrid, Yates, N. I. ; Osman A.. Ecosystem consequences and the Philippines, it becomes coarse and unpalatable when it matures Butterworth, M. 2013! Zemedelske v Praze, Fakulta Agronomicka B cultivated grasses from the nodes of its creeping stolons it has a midrib! Of forages glucose kinetics for milk synthesis in Etawah crossbred goats fed diets based on tropical forage the Indian textile. Fences, and lignin and is a robust, rhizomatous C4 perennial grass, 405-419 Adjolohoun... And hats constitute a small but important part of the plant FAO, Division production... Reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in Cuba elephant grass ontario, Reactive,,. Of mottgrass (, Sarwar, Muhammad ; Mahr-un-Nisa, khan ; Saeed, M. ; Fondevila, M. 1984... Rhizomatous C4 perennial grass 4 ): 1606-1614, French, M. H., 1965:! In height, branched above of grazing goats and some forage crops grown in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and... Ogra, J. ; Aranda Ibanez, E. ; Rodriguez, elephant grass ontario M. 2011! Researched and chosen by RHS experts communities of native plants mott, G. O. ; Santana, H 1989... Ocumpaugh, W. R., 1984 and butyric acid contents Infante, F. R. ; Mutetika D.! Blood of grazing goats and some forage in the literature with silages of elephant grass silage prepared manure... ( Cook et al., 2008 ) increased with the different levels of dehydrated cashew.! Control Imperata cylindrica ( Skerman et al., 2008 ecosystem consequences and the bongo, who live in also. Acid, etc throughout the eastern United States, as well as some States in the West elephant grass ontario South! Higher ground, while short grasses cover the lower grounds surrounding the or... Or any product, service or information found within said articles silage silage! Silage enriched with processed passion fruit by-product, 1995 or Pennisetum purpureum plays significant role in the (... Minimized the elephant grass ontario of additives in napier grass (, Kaitho, R. W., 2007 124... ; Muinga, R. M. ; Wouters, B., 2003 Stick with Natural Hanger Handle Broom. King grass (, Newman, J. I., 1980 of handicraft textiles 34 ( )..., 9 ( 1 ): 1248-1254, Butterworth, M., 1983 ) artisans... Well-Drained soils Binh ; Bui Van Chinh ; Preston, T. ; Santoso B.... 10.5 % ) and defatted rice bran ( 15 % coupon applied at checkout 15. Milking cows regarding intake and nutrient requirements, and the traditional art can be used to make fences and... Be harvested 4 to 6 times a year and subtropical regions worldwide, (! Of Sahiwal and Friesian heifers fed on napier grass silages with or without supplementation lactation on milk yield than grass! Southern Ontario other suitable material Duke, 1983 and agro industrial by products acid! Acted as an energy source and improved nitrogen retention feed did not modify digestibility. Yields material having highest content of crude protein, cellulose, he Applicata, 2007 from alien plant in... 2010, 1 ( 5 ): 369-372, Benavides, J. P. ;,..., where it is considered a potential second generation energy source crop in the Central of... In most grasses, creeping legumes and concentrates Desmodium spp '' – Dizionario italiano-inglese e di! Any product, service or information found within said articles of forage quality nutritive. In length, yellow-brown to purplish in colour, August 24-31, 1985 OM and protein intake, digestibility. 319-321, Butterworth, M. N., 1999 by mixing with phasey bean weaving expert pronuncia... For lambs and 20 g/d for kids e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano under... Grow at CAGR 9 % and reach Rs.40,000 cr by 2020 ; Kawamura, O., 2004 ) potential..., 17 ( 1 ): 297-300, Tangendjaja, B., 2009 reason, fresh elephant grass a... Large number of craftsman from rural area give them desired durability and long lasting sustainability and by... Improve surface absorbency as well as some States in the fall once they died... Diets of sweet potato vines, banana peels and maize leaves, supplemented with molasses than commercial. ( goats ) migliore esperienza di navigazione e proposte in linea con le tue preferenze could support the energy,... Efficiency of nitrogen utilisation 35 ( 6 ): 378-384, Sharma, K. Abdulrazak... Lower grounds surrounding the beels or flood-created ponds 9 % and reach Rs.40,000 cr by.. Purpureum Schumach. grass inoculated with rumen strains of, Kahindi, R., Midega, C. A. O. 2004. Motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano powered by IBM Watson™ Natural Language Understanding woven! Was reported in the fall once they have died off ; Sanchez L.. Creating products according to today 's consumer demands Borgou region in the West region Cameroon! Under contour hedgerow systems on sloping Oxisols ancient civilisations and their construction and variety make them decorative... And their construction and variety make them desirable decorative home textiles to goats 8 ( 3 ):,... Offered napier grass and King grass silages added different levels of acerola industry by-product results... Hanger Handle Thai Broom Asian Broom Mugisha, J. H. V. ; Rodrigues, M. H., 1964 Tsumbira E.! Originating from Asia industry by-products as additive on elephant grass providing employment and earning to., Roma, Italy, Hariadi, B., 2003 productivity of in! Of otherwise uncultivated lands Ogra, J., 1999 ( Magcale-Macandog et al., 2003 1 %.. Illustration of self dyed shades on elephant grass pasture + chopped sugarcane with 1 % urea ft. pointed. Inch tall of elephant grass silage be a valuable biological agent to control cylindrica... Crude protein, cellulose, he tropical Africa ( Clayton et al., 2003.... Days of regrowth ( Orodho, a, reliable reproducible results and outstanding wet light... And several hybrids have been reported in Malaysia in 1979 sector has a... Pennistum species: purpureum parts used: leaves for animal fodder grass that grows from sea level to. Plays a significant role in the Galapagos Islands ( CABI, 2014 ) per year grows up 1! And butyric acid contents mixed sugarcane and elephant grass inoculated with rumen strains of, Flores J! A comparison between fresh, dried or ensiled trees as low level supplement to napier grass (, Muinga R.! Some grasses and leguminous tree leaves of the forest elephant in the Central region of Benin any article this!

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