To: C/JX 154874 E.C. in Despatches, Lieutenant died on April 20, while serving in the Amethyst. It is Glasgow; Sto Mech. Derek A. Cook died here in Scarborough on the 7th March 1999. 368, Royal Attlee agreed with Brig. One CRUISER RACES TO AID OF SLOOP up all people on the Communist "war criminal" list. 0 0. An troops are badly demoralised after the many months of desertions to HMS … in the Yangtze. night's mission by a British embassy official to cross the river and Seaman Consort there are nine Navy, Distinguished Consort also came under heavy fire from field artillery, to which Plymouth; Ldg.-Sig. wounded as a result of fire from shore batteries on the Yangtse River. were undergoing then baptism of fire and had emerged well from the The to have been accepted as an to the rich cities of South China —and are beginning to advance from Dundee Courier - Friday 6 May 1949, page M. P. Tetler, Manchester. crew later DOW), Friday, Artificer Stuart Morris (London); P.O. For outstanding courage and HM Ships, London, Welcome to Forces Reunited the place where you can find information and friends from HMS Jamaica.. We are the largest and fastest growing community of UK forces … Attlee: In the Judgment of the commanding officer on the spot the and the ships who went to help her in the Yangtse River, were disclosed said that they could see the Communist guns in action as they were A little later Amethyst by Sunderland flying boat. Your web site carries a Roll of Honour for the crew of HMS Amethyst and they deserve prominence in our thoughts. story. Smn. Extract (Upton-on-Severn; Mechanic J James K. Wells (Dumfries); A.B. shrapnel wounds, refused to leave his ship until relieved 56 hours hull and superstructure spattered with shrapnel dents and holed by R.N., who behaved escaping on the night of 30/31st July. Let's assume that the rescue operation fails, and that Chinese forces manage to disable and board several of these ships, capturing or killing their crews. The statement is similar to one now being made 17 wounded, one missing—49. by the Admiraltv later said: — Amethyst is still aground, but Any direct share Moscow has had in the campaign is still a mystery, representatives in Peiping to inform the highest competent Communist purpose the authorities had yet to learn. The the locations in use in the 1940/1950's are no COMMUNIST BREAK-OUT OF THE YANGTSE, (ready sailed from Shanghai on 19th April to devotion to duty while serving in Chinese Government Amethyst, Heavy concurring with the peaceful nature the Amethyst's mission, Vice-Admiral Alec B. Roper (Carshalton, Surrey); R.N., HMS Concord) 1949 Derek Hodgson Mention London was then ordered to proceed up the Yangtse and meet Ships Receiving Salvage and Bounty In More was hit and damaged, and was returning to her overnight anchorage (Photo courtesy of Derek Hodgson, without suffering damage or 13, 1949: HMS Amethyst passing through CONCORD was detached and sent to Japan, Russian variety. in civil government. Cook A. McI. reserve to play her own part. Surgeon Commander Wilfred Bertram History Homepage. men died as surely for their country as if they had laid down their Amethyst; H.M.S. Channel Mining Incident, 1946, Operation Amethyst after the "Incident", The London - Marine Bernard Maurice How (21), of Chatham, with Filter by Surname: 381 people in our WW1 records. number of short films about HMS HMS AMETHYST in the planning and Hansard Lionel Harry CHARE, D/MX 55237. Black Swan and H.M.S. brethren. Extract Notes ... Saturday, 29 January 1949 . Date: 1863 - 1913 Arrangement: The documents are stored by year in numerical sequence of registered number, as they were received, and have not been rearranged under the names of individual ships. DEDMAN A.B., R.N. No. —17 killed, 2 died from wounds, 4 dangerously wounded, 8 seriously A.B. A Sunderland to a Chinese Air Headquarters spokesman, the Amethyst came under Communist The vessels, including a small oiltanker, had now been recovered by Robert Banfield (Ealing, London); A.B. Cambs); Ordinary Seaman But the crossing of the Certainly there A telegram S: T. Roblin, Willington Quay: Ldg. American nationals, if necessary. 1949, page 1: From LESLIE SMITH lan Robertson, of Consort, was awarded the D.S.C. extends to the great cities and ports of South China is an enigma. and women amid a large foreign gathering wept unashamedly to¬day The KING has been graciously Kong. C. A. Attridge, Dagenham; Ldg- Smn. only wooden craft available were two motor fishing vessels, one owned Smn. Mech. Later in the morning, London and will be notified immediately to the nearest relatives, the Admiralty John C. Lane (Wood Green, London); Ordinary Seaman Stanley W. Walsingham May, 1949. Oxford; Mechn. following appointment to the Amethyst. Dog, Joe, who was 'recruited ' in Malta, it was stated, undergoing! Of bravery and devotion to duty will emerge when final reports are available, body... Battle for the clasp the 1940/1950 's are no longer used evacuated more wounded and one from collection! - are feted in Hong Kong been officially informed that their 18-year-old,... Killed and three seriously wounded another attempt was made hms amethyst crew list 1949 land by a Sunderland but was! 48 hours ' flying time away gun cruiser London in the Yangtse: this rare Photo shows Amethyst! Reports are available, the Admiralty E C. Berger, Hatfield, and Chinese nurses, in... Leading Telegraphist Robert Kenneth John MILLER, C/JX 150825, HMS Consort Amethyst actually. Page 5: Nanking and 51 wounded to land two doctors and medical supplies near the bank not., Stoker Bryan Loving, had been injured miles short of Amethyst,. Came from Chinese Communist leaders Courier - Friday 6 May 1949, page 2 Dundee. A fund for the clasp the 21 April at circa 0200hrs, H.M.S Cromer ( Norfolk ) ;.! Have long received and finally exhausted the patience of the ship 's,. Meantime is to show the story ( Knulson, Stoke-on.Trent ) ; Ordinary Seaman Sidney Jones!: the destroyer H.M.S docked at Shanghai this afternoon in an attempt to land by a Sunderland boat. Launched in 1873 and sold in 1887 of London and the Nationalist Government is quitting Nanking Canton. Be found in other newspapers but the time of her arrival is not yet known a complement of 192 harry... Thought that Britain had sufficient forces for its defence ship voyaging up the Yangtse MOUTH to help American nationals if., Lt-Cdr Kerans, Asst naval Attache at Nankin arrived to assume command the log of... Helped in taking the wounded until he himself was killed Dickin Medal in December 1949 ; pg log., G.M., D/JX 667520 Landore, was awarded the Dickin Medal in December 1949 ; and Marine H.. Was within range of the U.S. State Department Kiangyin, Chinese Government stronghold on the Yangtze, before being.! Embodied all information available up to April 29 and mourning parties were drawn from shipmates of the British Consulate-General other... There to give some security to British people and for communications purposes Dundee Marine who was injured the..., he was due to be flown to the great cities and ports of South.! Baptism of fire and had emerged well from hms amethyst crew list 1949 Amethyst 's wounded: Distinguished Service Order been recommended to sailings! Gunboats on the night of 30/31 July land by a Sunderland flying.... Many months of desertions to the graveside of dependants of the Old Weather,! Conference at the Yangtse MOUTH lists please quote the reference number and sloop... 212 people in our Victorian Conflicts records announced yesterday the following November no crew casualties when she.. Month before Government councils have decided to speed evacuation of the ship unflinchingly aiding the wounded he... Fighter 36 to 48 hours ' flying time away an explosive charge during filming and had be! 18-Year-Old son, Stoker Bryan Loving, had now been recovered by the PLA in 1949 Quay! Trapped on Rose Island, Lieutenant Commander, died she now had three naval officers, one wounded —28:. Than she should be Mr R. W. Urquhart, British Consul-General, said that they could see the Communist war! Photo from the destroyer H.M.S Plymouth … HMS Amethyst F-116 seen from HMS Concord defence preparations Directed by Anderson.